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Friday, 14 October 2011

Mesophases transitions

An interesting transition is the texture transition inside the nematic phase. We observe in some liquid crystalline compounds a transition from a low-temperature nematic texture which looks like a texture of a smectic phase to a high temperature nematic Schlieren texture. Compounds that have the texture transition are the alkyloxybenzoic acids. Here, you can see a movie of the texture transtion inside the nematic phase of 6OBAC. The sample is heated from the crystal phase. We can see the smectic pahse and then the two following nematic subphases. Click on the image to see the movie.

More details  in my papers:
Texture transitions in binary mixtures of 6OBAC
with compounds of its homologous series
A. Sparavigna;  A. Mello; B. Montrucchio 

Phase Transitions: A Multinational Journal, 1029-0338
Volume 80, Issue 3, 2007, Pages 191 – 201
Texture transitions in the liquid crystalline 
alkyloxybenzoic acid 6OBAC
A. Sparavigna;  A. Mello; B. Montrucchio 
Phase Transitions: A Multinational Journal, 1029-0338
Volume 79Issue 4, 2006, Pages 293 – 303

A new image processing method for enhancing
the detection sensitivity of smooth transitions in liquid crystals

Liquid Crystals, 1366-5855, Volume 24Issue 6, 2001, Pages 841 – 852

novel order transition inside the nematic phase of 
trans -4-hexylcyclohexane-1-carboxylic acid discovered by image processing
Liquid Crystals, 1366-5855, Volume 25Issue 5, 2001, Pages 613 – 620

In the following, three movies show a transition on cooling from the nematic to the smectic phase of an oxadiazole compound. We see a transition from the nemtic to a smectic phase with toric domains.
Clink on images to launch the movies.


For more detailsthese are my articles:

Growth of toric domains in mesophases of oxadiazoles
A. Sparavigna;  A. Mello; B. Montrucchio 
Phase Transitions: A Multinational Journal
1029-0338, Volume 81Issue 5, 2008, Pages 471 – 477

Fan-shaped, toric and spherulitic textures of mesomorphic oxadiazoles
A. Sparavigna;  A. Mello; B. Montrucchio 
Phase Transitions: A Multinational Journal
1029-0338, Volume 80Issue 9, 2007, Pages 987 – 998

Amelia Carolina Sparavigna