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Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Science of Al-Biruni

The Science of Al-Biruni
Al-Biruni (973-1048) was one of the greatest scientists of all times.
He was an astronomer, mathematician and philosopher, and studied
 physics and natural sciences. In this paper, we will discuss
 some of his experimental methods and some instruments he used. 

On the Role of Tsallis Entropy in Image Processing

International Scientific Research Journal ~ ISSN 2412-026X

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On the Role of Tsallis Entropy in Image Processing

In image processing, the maximum entropy principle is generally recognized as having a relevant role in the initial part of image elaboration. The first step of processing in fact, sees the entropy used to determine the segmentation of the image, that is, used to determine objects and background in it. Different entropy formulations are available to this purpose, but the most prominent in recent publications is that of the Tsallis non-extensive entropy. Here, we survey some main methods that are using this entropy and the related literature, in particular that reporting the researches concerning medical image processing.

Keywords: Tsallis Entropy; Image Processing; Image Segmentation; Image Thresholding; Medical Image Processing

DOI: 10.18483/IRJSci.79

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Earth 2.0

An artist's guess of what Kepler 452b could look like.T. Pyle/JPL-Caltech/NASA Ames